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Under Construction

No really. I just upgraded my computer and I’m going to get serious about bringing back what I think will be the best showcase of all of the great Maine Beer Tasting Rooms. Oh, they have beer there too. Stay tuned!

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Meet the Beers

In many ways, the tasting room is as important as the beer itself! If you didn’t have a venue to try the fantastic beers in Maine there is a good chance you would never try many of them. Many small breweries only sell their beer through their tasting rooms or through growlers that you can get at a tasting room.

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Take a Beercation

One really good way to plan your visits to the tasting rooms you are interested in is to pace your trip by having a flight in one tasting room to get a sample of their craft and then during the time you travel to your next tasting room, you have a chance to “recover.” Purchasing a flight at a tasting room is almost equivalent to having just one beer so over the course of a day touring, you would consume a relatively reasonable and responsible amount of beer without risk.

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