Why you want to use this site

Tap Lists

Where available, we will post the current tap lists from the various breweries so you can get a preview.


You CAN get there from here. We will post links to help you find the tasting rooms. Many of these smaller tasting rooms are “off the beaten path” so you’ll need help finding them.

Hours of Operation

Many tasting rooms are not open seven days a week. You wouldn’t want to head out to find out it is closed when you get there.

Contact Info

It’s a good idea to call ahead to see if a tasting room is open. In these times of uncertainty, it is a better to know before you go.

Social Media Links

Many of the tasting rooms use social media as their website for current information. Some of them don’t have websites at all.


You can’t assume that the experience is the same at all tasting rooms. Things like dog policies, children welcomed, wheelchair access, bringing personal food and beverages not sold at the tasting room, indoor vs. outdoor seating, games, entertainment, etc.

Now that you know, it’s time to head out!